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  • About Conference

The 5 th International Tropical Renewable Energy Conference (i-TREC) is an annual conference series on tropical renewable energy and a place for stakeholders to share their insights on the new advances and research results.  2020 marks the 5th series of iTREC. Over the last four years, more than thousands manuscripts related to tropical renewable energy have been presented. This year the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia is proud to announce the conference will be held from October  29-30, 2020, with The Role of renewable and clean energy in supporting Sustainable Development Goals as its theme.

COVID-2019 Update

On March 11, the WHO(World Health Organization) has declared the assessment of the risk of spread and impact of COVID-19 to very high at the global level and Characterized as ‘Global Pandemic’.

As your safety is our top priority and concern, the 5th iTREC Organizing Committee has decided that the conference will go online by using the online/Video presentation.

  • Conference Scope – Symposia

  1. Fuel Cell for Mobile and Stationary Systems
  2. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology
  3. Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
  4. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
  5. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  6. Microbial Fuel Cell
  7. Molten Carbonate
  1. Green and Smart building
  2. Sustainable Housing and settlement
  3. Eco Tropical Architecture
  4. Innovative and ecologically sensible design
  5. Environmental Engineering Innovation
  6. Building Physics on the Tropics
  7. Environmental And Green Materials
  8. 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) or 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover) for Waste
  9. Life Cycle Analysis
  1. Carbon, graphene, oxides, composites
  2. Smart Materials
  3. Rare Earth Elements for Storage, Sensor, CO2 Capture
  4. Lithium Ion Batteries
  5. Metal Hydride Batteries
  6. Polymer technology
  7. Sustainable Materials
  8. Solar Cell Material
  1. Capacitive Energy Storage System
  2. Computational Modeling Of Innovative Materials For Energy Storage and Conversion
  3. Electrolytes; Oxygen Ion, Proton & Mixed Conductors
  4. Electrolysis / Electrolyzers
  5. Metal Hydrides For Thermal Energy Storage
  6. Synthesis Of Novel Materials For Hydrogen Production And Storage
  7. Computational Modeling Of Processes In SSHS
  8. Fundamental Properties Of Metal-Hydrogen Systems
  9. Application Of M-H Systems
  1.  Microgrids, Nanogrids and Virtual Power Plant
  2.  Renewable Energy Business and Economics
  3. Wind Energy
  4. Solar Energy and Solar Cells
  5. Hidropower Energy
  6. Marine Energy
  7. Geothermal Energy
  8. Conversion Devices and Energy Saving Technology
  1. Bio Energy and Bio Fuels
  2. Waste to Energy
  3. Biomass Conversion Technologies
  4. Biomass Policies, Markets, and Sustainability
  5. Bioenergy in Integrated Energy System
  6. Biogas
  7. Microwave Thermal Processing
  8. Environmental Impacts of Bioenergy System
  1. Electric Vehicles
    • Autonomous Driving
    • Systems: propulsion, electronics and drives
    • Batteries: Modeling & Safety
    • Markets and new technologies
  2. Infrastructure for electric mobility
    • Smart Grid & Infrastructure & V2G Vehicles
    • Energy Efficiency and Life Cycle Analysis
    • Electrification of transport logistic vehicles
  3. Policies and strategies in the field of electric mobility
    • ASEAN strategies, EV standards, policy, education, market
    • Government policy
    • Regional and Global Introduction Scenarios

  • Important Date
Full Paper Submission 31 August 2020
Acceptance Full Paper Notification 04 September 2020
Camera Ready Full Paper 10 October  2020
Early Bird Registration 25 September 2020
Normal Registration 30 September 2020
Late Registration 20 October 2020
Conference Date 29 –  30 October 2020
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